Aircraft HF antenna vibration in Icing Conditions

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Aircraft HF antenna vibration in Icing Conditions

Post by Eduexpert on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:11 pm

I'm looking for information or anyone with experience with HF long wire installations. I am working with a new aircraft that HF will be installed on and they have chosen an HF "V" antenna installation. When were flying this aircraft in icing conditions and we accretion on the HF long wire we get severe vibration. I have run the tension as tight as we can and it actually exacerbates the problem. So I have to assume that vibration on the long wire is normal during ice accretion (once the ice is thrown off the vibration ceases)and that the increased tension on the cable is increases the vibration frequency and causing more vibration stress on the attach points. Does anyone have any insight on this issue.


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