Electric Field distribution around two-conductor cable

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Electric Field distribution around two-conductor cable

Post by Eduexpert on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:27 pm

What is electric field distribution around two conductor cable connected to DC power supply? Assume power supply is isolated and not grounded. Assume cable is straight.
Case 1: no current runs through the cable. One wire is positive, another – negative. Negative or zero? If we think in terms of charge: Positive wire has positive charge in it, electric field distribution is radially outwards. What charge is in negative wire? This will determine total field distribution. If there is no charge in negative wire total field distribution will be that from positive wire only - radially outward. If there are negative charges in negative wire the total distribution form the cable will be like from dipole – on positive wire side field will be outwards, on negative wire side field will be inwards. What field distribution is correct?

Case 2: load is attached to cable and current flows. Will the Electric field distribution change?


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