AC Drive tripping motor protection switch heat problem 2

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AC Drive tripping motor protection switch heat problem 2

Post by Eduexpert on Sat May 13, 2017 3:30 pm


we have here one AC drive (ABB ACS800) that has four (4) motor in parallel. The drive is 16amps and the motors are 0,75kw 1amp 690V each.
each output from the drive to the motor has an individual motor protection switch, sized to 1,6Amps
the thing is that te motor protection switch are heating too much today I measure voltage drop and I have 1 volt drop and 1 amp current in each phase.
please see attached pictures.

does anyone have any hint?? is that drive output to four motor in parallel has too much high freq component that causes overheat and problems with bimetallic mechanism??
the cables are 2mm and they are not overheated, also it has a contactor and not overheated, only the motor protection switch!!! I measure ac current rms and I measure 1 amp in each phase for all motors (all motors are the same)



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