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Building a Diplexer form COTS parts

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Building a Diplexer form COTS parts  Empty Building a Diplexer form COTS parts

Post by Eduexpert Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:28 pm

I am working on some UHF SATCOM test equipment. We currently have a Trilithic FD1000 Diplexer that works to split/combine the TX and RX, so that radios that have a single RF port can be hooked to radios that have separate RX and TX ports. Unfortunately this FD1000 is pretty expensive and we would like to perform a similar function, perhaps with some parts procured from mini-circuits. The TX band is approximately 292-318 MHz, the RX band is 243 - 264 MHz. There must be a way to do this with some splitters and filters, is that correct?

Please note that I am not an RF engineer, but know enough to muddle along.


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